The Capital Campaign for
St. John the Evangelist Church

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St. John the Evangelist  and the Archdiocese of Baltimore have been blessed with the leadership, dedication, and sacrifice of its parishioners.  Beginning in January 2018, our community begins a new initiative; a capital campaign, which will ensure a sound foundation for the future of St. John and provide lasting service to the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the community we serve. 

St.  John’s campaign is called THE McELROY EFFECT, Restore, Rebuild, Renew.  This multi-year, multi-phased campaign will assist our parish with the needed funds to restore our  historic 1854 Bell Tower and for additional work to the exterior of the Church.  In addition , we will assist with the Embracing our Mission Archdiocesan Capital Campaign.  Every parish in the archdiocese has already contributed an assessment based on their yearly income.  It’s time for us to help with this historic archdiocesan campaign. View our Campaign Video and see our Campaign Case Statement below.

In the 1st phase of the combined campaign, our goal is 3 million dollars.  The next two phases will address the full renovation of all our campus and will require another 5-8 million dollars (in today’s dollars).   In another 5-6 years, it will be necessary to begin phase 2. 

We have been gifted with a beautiful historic campus and we now have the responsibility, like those before us, to make sacrificial gifts to ensure that our buildings are here for another 200(+) years.  Let the journey begin as we Restore, Rebuild and Renew!
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Capital Campaign Pledge Card- English
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5 Yr. Pledge Planning chart

Total Pledge    Annually    Monthly    Daily           My Sacrifice Equals
$20,000            $4,000        $333.33    $11.11         Family trip to a sporting event/concert MONTHLY
$15,000            $3,000        $250         $8.22           Lunch DAILY
$10,000            $2,000        $166.66    $5.56           Cable & Internet MONTHLY
$5,000              $1,000        $83.33      $2.77           Small cup of coffee DAILY
$3,000              $600           $50           $1.67           McDonald’s French Fries DAILY