A mother’s love

During this month of May, we continue to honor the blessed Mother. And we remember that she is our Mother. As Jesus was dying on the cross, one of the last things he said is, he hold your mother. He gave her to Saint John the beloved disciple and through him she was given to all of us. She’s there any time we cry out to her to get us back on track. She has that mother’s affectionate love for us her children. Then no matter how bad we’ve messed up, no matter how far we’ve wandered, a mother’s love never fails. Let’s fly to her anytime we feel lost, abandoned, or forsaken. Because just like our earthly mothers were those ones that could always bandage up our knees when we had fallen or dry our tears. So our heavenly mother can do the same for us. She’s a gift from Jesus himself. Let’s make sure we’re using that gift in our lives.