Adult Faith Formation

MISSION: To enable adults to develop a personal relationship with Jesus by understanding their Catholic Faith and inviting them to life-long discipleship in the Catholic Church

  • The goals of the Adult Faith Formation Program at St. John’s are to:
  • Build communication skills for volunteer parish leadership
  • Foster a climate of joyous participation
  • Work in tandem with our clergy to build our ministries
  • Develop a parish action cadre
  • Develop and foster a greater ministry
  • Promote recognition of Ministries at Liturgy
  • Foster the building of a family centered parish life
  • Actively foster an environment to encourage volunteer ministries
  • Build up the faith of the parish using communications tools
  • Thereby, igniting the fire burning within all the baptized.

Our Objectives:

  • Offer an opportunity to learn more about Church History and Traditions
  • Create on-going formation sessions
  • Assist in spiritual development through retreats

Adult Faith Formation Activities

  • Other programs and classes may be seasonal (i.e. Lenten preparation), may be part of a perennial series, or may be added as a continuous program.
  • RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. A journey of faith through which a person prepares to be welcomed into the Catholic Church.
  • Faith Sharing Groups
  • Men of St. John’s Group
  • Lending Library – books, audio, video
  • Guest speakers, experts in their fields, are invited to give talks at St. John and area churches on matter of faith.  The speakers may be professional writers, lecturers, professors from area Catholic Universities, or from other resources.
  • Retreats – These are sponsored by groups within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, area churches, and other ministries at St. John’s such as the Prayer Group, Catholic Daughters, etc.
  • Liturgy – Catechesis through the Sacraments and the homily at Mass.
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Family Religious Education

Watch the bulletin for details on these and other programs or call 301-662-8495 for more information.