Advent: The gift you should be giving

If these days leading up to Christmas, I think just about all of us are still trying to find that perfect gift for the people we love. And in the season of giving to the people we care about, we often forget that it’s Jesus’ birthday. Should we give him something as well? But what Jesus wants, I don’t get on Amazon or waiting in line in a store, what Jesus wants is the interior stuff. What am I gonna do to change my life? In all of our shopping and all of our worry and thinking about finding the perfect gifts for the people we care about, let’s not forget the one who this holiday and the season is all about. It is Christ’s birth after all. And let’s make sure we give him a gift that he’s looking for. A changed heart. A changed life. A better person. So that as we come to the great celebration of the Lord’s birth on Christmas day, we can give him something that he’s looking for, which is to make us a better person.