Confirmation strengthens us to defend the faith and to spread the Gospel courageously. – Pope Francis


Confirmation preparation is a two year period of formation, which includes two years of dedicated faith formation in the pastorate High School Youth Ministry with immediate preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation during the second year.  Candidates may begin their Confirmation journey as they begin 9th grade to receive the sacrament at the end of their 10th grade year.


Online registration is not available for the 2024-2025 year.
Please print the registration form and permission slip and return it to the parish office with a check payable to St. John the Evangelist (regardless of your parish of registration).
We can accept credit card payment in the St. John Parish Office.

Contact Amy Spessard if you have any questions.



Each person’s story and journey are different. If you were not confirmed as a teen and would like to be confirmed as an adult, we offer adult confirmation. Please contact Amy Spessard  to learn more about being confirmed as an adult.