Formación en la fe para jóvenes K-5

Dear Parents,

The 2023-2024 year has been planned, and we are excited about the new opportunities that will be offered within the Pastorate.  Our goal is to help our young people to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and encourage our Pastorate families to continue to grow in their Catholic identity. Pastorate staff and volunteers are here to assist, encourage, and support parents in that effort.

Our elementary program schedule has been updated to make it simple and consistent; families will be on campus for 2 sessions a month, one of which the parents would attend as well.  Catholic Culture events are incorporated into faith formation and will move between the campuses. There are many opportunities for families to choose from for elementary classes at both campuses. Sunday morning will continue at both St. John and St. Joseph. Monday night elementary will also continue at St. John. This year we are adding a Tuesday night elementary session at St. Joseph to accommodate more families.

Middle school will continue with catechetical nights on St. John’s campus (same time as elementary) and social events at various locations. 

High School will continue to meet on Sunday evenings beginning at St. John and moving to St. Joseph for the second half of the year. We are looking forward to working with your families this year. Registration is available on the websites, in the weekly newsletters, and in the parish offices.  Please register early, as space is limited, and we anticipate the classes filling up quickly. 

 – Fr. John Williamson, Pastor & Amy Spessard, Director of Formation and Accompaniment

The goal of faith formation in Grades 1-5 is to help our young people grow in an understanding of their Catholic faith and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our unique program accomplishes these goals through classroom time, family gathered sessions and home activities. Options for 1-5 allow families to find the best time to participate in faith formation and attend Mass as a family. Families can choose to attend any of the times/ locations listed below:

Sunday – 9:30-10:45am at St John the Evangelist (1st-5th)

Sunday – 9:00-10:15am at St Joseph on Carrollton Manor (1st-5th)

Lunes - 6:30-7:45pm en San Juan Evangelista (1º-5º)

Faith Formation 1

Campamento Sacramental

 10-14 y 17-21 de julio de 2023

Sacramento Boot Camp está diseñado para los jóvenes que están entrando en 3 º -12 º grados en el otoño de 2023 y no han recibido los sacramentos de la Reconciliación y la Comunión y no asistieron a clases de formación de fe este año pasado. La asistencia a todas las noches es necesaria para pasar a la siguiente etapa de preparación en el otoño: clases de formación en la fe y las clases de preparación inmediata para la Reconciliación y la Comunión.

Novedad de este año: ¡Confirmación bootcamp! Para los adolescentes que entran en 10 º -12 º grado en el otoño de 2023 y no han recibido la Confirmación y no asistieron a clases de Ministerio de la Juventud de la Escuela Secundaria en este último año. La asistencia a todas las noches es necesaria para pasar a la siguiente etapa de preparación en el otoño: Clases de Pastoral Juvenil de Secundaria y clases de preparación inmediata para el Sacramento de la Confirmación (y 1ª Comunión si es necesario).

Contacto Amy Spessard  o Sara Ryan si desea inscribirse en las clases.

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