Find an image that comforts you

As we continue the theme of getting through the difficulties and the storms of life, another great thing is to have an image to cling to. What is my image of God? What’s the image of God that comforts me and gives me peace? Maybe it’s God loving Father. Maybe it’s the Good Shepherd. Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit. For me, it’s a sacred heart. I’ve always found that image very comforting, Jesus’ heart burning with love for all of us. Find an image of God that speaks to you. And get a holy card. Get a picture. Get a statue. Something that you can keep as a visual reminder. When you’re anxious, when you’re worried, when you’re feeling confused, you just look at that to bring you peace. We all need an image of God that speaks to us. What’s that image? Because when you find yourself in a storm, when you find yourself worried or doubtful, it is gonna be that image that pulls you through. As I said, for me, it’s a sacred heart. Just gazing at that image and reminding myself of how much He loves the world that His heart literally burns on fire for us. Reassures me in the difficulties and challenges of my life. Find that image for yourself so that the next time a storm blows in, that image can bring you peace and comfort to your heart.