Finding Christ in the Ordinary

As you get ready to celebrate our Savior’s birth as he was born in a manger first, Christmas is a reminder that Jesus didn’t break into our world in a temple or a palace. He broke into our world in a humble, dirty, smelly, cold, stable, and a small little town in the middle of nowhere. That being Jesus continues to come into our world, into our lives in the everyday and the ordinary. So as we get ready these next few days to be with family and friends, to do beloved traditions to celebrate His birth. Let’s make sure we’re paying attention, encounter Him no tin the extraordinary but in the ordinary events, in the ordinary people, in the ordinary circumstances of our lives. Because 2,000 years ago, the son of God came into the world in a humble manger, in the middle of the night when most people weren’t even paying attention and we can bet in 2022 that He’s gonna continue to come into our lives this Christmas in the ordinary everyday people, and situations we will encounter over the next few days. Christmas can be stressful sometimes. Sometimes that dinner doesn’t go as well as we thought. Sometimes people say things they shouldn’t do. Sometimes people let us down. But instead of trying to have a movie perfect Christmas. Let’s recognize the first Christmas was everyday ordinary people in everyday ordinary situations, but that’s where Christ came. Let’s pay attention to find Christ. In our everyday ordinary, less than perfect Christmas, we’re getting ready to celebrate as well.