Parish Staff

fr john williamson

Fr. John Williamson


angel marrero

Fr. Angel Marrero

Associate Pastor

matthew defusco

Fr. Matthew DeFusco

Associate Pastor

skip manley

Deacon Skip Manley

mike currens

Deacon Mike Currens

Doug Nathans

Deacon Doug Nathan

roger carrier

Deacon Roger Carrier

Deacon Karl Noah

Deacon Karl Noah

James Cyr

Deacon James Cyr

Amy Spessard

Amy Spessard

Executive Director of Formation and Accompaniment


Bob Fitzsimmons

Executive Director of Operations

Cathy Todt

Cathy Todt

Finance Manager

maryann kauffman

Maryann Kauffman

Office Manager and Assistant to Pastor

Cindy Milani

Cindy Milani

Admin. Assistant to Finance

Jean pfau

Jean Pfau

Admin. Assistant to Finance

joe swiss

Joe Swiss

Director of Liturgy

sara ryan

Sara Ryan

Admin. Assistant to Faith Formation and Hispanic Ministries Coordinator

nae pearson

Nae Pearson

Director of Music

peggy frazier

Peggy Frazier

Director of Youth

megan maquinn

Megan Mcquin

Coordinator of Youth Ministry

joselyn cubias

Joselyn Cubias

Office Admin. Assistant