The reasons you should come to Mass

Why do I need to come to mass on Sunday? And it’s a good question. Yes, you can encounter God anywhere but there’s only one place you can receive God, and that’s in the blessed sacrament, the Eucharist. And while we can encounter god in our prayer, in the beauty of nature, in a beautiful piece of art, a beautiful piece of music, even the beauty of a child’s smile, receiving God is a much more intimate experience. When we receive the Lord in communion at Mass, it is the most powerful, intimate connection we can have with God, this side of eternity. I remember as a kid, on Saturday morning cartoons, they would have these little promos about eating healthy with dancing food saying you are what you eat. In other words, when I eat healthy things, my body absorbs those vitamins and minerals. It’s the same thing with the Eucharist. When I eat the body and blood of Christ, Jesus literally is taken into me. I become what I receive. If I’m not going to Mass, if I’m not receiving Jesus. Check out our Mass times.