We all struggle to Forgive

As we all struggle to forgive, one of the things we often forget is that the person who forgives gains more than the person who’s forgiven. Because when we stay rooted in our anger, our resentment, our hurt, we remain the victim. We allow that situation and what that person did to continue to control us in our story. But when I choose to rise above the hurt, the anger, the disappointment, and choose to forgive and let go of it, I take back the power. I’m no longer the victim; I’m the one controlling the situation. It doesn’t discount that I was hurt. It doesn’t make better or wipe away what that person did. But I choose. I’m the one who chooses to let it go, to forgive, and to stop letting it control me and my life. As hard as it is to forgive, let’s never forget that when we forgive as Jesus commands, we get more than the person we’re forgiving.