Why does God allow evil in our world?

It’s undeniable that as people of faith, we’ve grappled with a question that echoes through generations: Why does God allow evil in our world? It’s a question that touches the core of our beliefs, and it’s okay to ponder it. We believe in an all-powerful, loving God. So why do natural disasters, diseases like cancer, and heart-wrenching tragedies occur? The answer lies in our free will—a gift from God that lets us choose love and obedience over coercion. Evil was never part of God’s original plan. It’s our own disobedience that allows it to seep into our world. God yearns for us to love Him willingly, not out of compulsion. And with that freedom comes the sad reality of bad choices, leading to suffering and pain around us. Amidst this darkness, God doesn’t want us to suffer. He wants us to know that we’re never alone, even in the fiercest storms or the darkest hours. Friends, this is the essence of Christian hope—not a promise of a perfect, trouble-free world, but the assurance that even in the midst of trials, God is steadfastly with us. We might find ourselves wrestling with God during tough times, questioning His presence. But looking back, we often realize that He was carrying us when we couldn’t bear the weight alone. The question of evil in the world shows that God can reveal His love and power, if we trust Him.