Registration for 2019-2020 NOW OPEN!

2019-2020 Registration Form and Instructions      

 Instrucciones para Registro de Formación Religiosa

Parent Kick Off Meetings: September 15th at 4pm in Hall and September 16th at 6:30pm in Hall. Come and learn about program changes, and meet your child’s catechist!

Faith Formation at St. John's

Faith Formation is a lifelong learning opportunity.  At St. John’s we offer many opportunities for our younger parishioners to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith and develop a relationship with Jesus. We offer a hybrid program that has both classroom time, family gathered sessions on campus, and family activities that are completed at home. 

  • All programs take place in the Sr. Margaret Bauer Evangelization Center

  • Grades K-8 utilize the Pflaum Gospel Weekly Program and the Benzinger Family Life.

  • For an overview of Pflaum Gospel Weekly, click here

  • For an overview of the Family Life Program, click here

  • Below are some examples of our family gathered sessions from last year.

Grades K-5: Sunday Afternoon 4:00-5:30 or Monday Evenings 6:30-8:00 

Grades 6-8: Monday Evenings 6:30-8:00

Family Home Study Option Grades K-8

Scheduling should never be a reason that a family doesn’t enroll into the faith formation program.  We offer families the ability to work with their children on their family’s schedule using the same materials that are used in the classrooms.   Each family must attend an orientation to learn how to use the materials.  Because the materials are current and timely, they are printed on an 8 week cycle.   Families are asked to come into the office 4X a year to pick up and drop off materials.  There are also monthly family events that are designed specifically to help grow in faith and relationship with Jesus.

October 2018: Superheroes in the Bible

Family Home Activity / Actividad para casa

november 2018: Prayer

Family Home Activity/ Actividad para casa

December 2018: Posada

Family Home Activity / Actividad para casa

2017-2018 Family Gathered Sessions

April Family Gathered Session: Mary

Parent Resource Sheet / Hoja de recursos para los padres 

Home faith formation activity / Actividad para casa 

March Family Gathered Session: Holy Week

banner image.jpg

Each family had an opportunity to create a Holy Week Banner. Along with the prayer and reflection cards, families can pray through Holy Week with their children.

Mon night.jpg

Are you looking for a family friendly movie to see with the kids? The Star is a great choice. The story of the birth of Jesus is told from the perspective of the animals that witness the event. The film is rated PG, and there may be a few scenes that are scary for the younger family members. You can watch the trailer here:

Movie Trailer

November Family Gathered Sessions: Advent

Parent Resource Sheet-English             Hoja de recursos para los padres

Home Faith Formation Activity - English      Actividad para casa



October Family Gathered Session: Saints

Parent Resource Sheet in English         Hoja de recursos para los padres

 Home Faith Formation Activity in English     Actividad para Casa
                                                 Sample Prayer Spaces